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The team members at Aries Books know the advantages and pitfalls of the great number and wide variety of services offered to prospective authors, those that are necessary, those that are optional, and those to be avoided. The first step in Aries Books’ services is to help the self-publishing author understand the process from draft manuscript through publication and marketing. Only then can the services offered by Aries Books and their allied independent contractors be cost-effectively tailored to the needs of the client.

    Many of the same contractors Aries Books uses for editing, cover design, book interior layout, ebook formatting, printing, website building, and marketing of traditional books will be recommended to self-publishers. Once you have formulated your plan to achieve self-publishing, at a cost you can afford, then s
tep by step we take you through the process. You can do as much or as little of the work as you desire, including selling your book on your website and through the Internet.

   Our business arrangement with you is simple and straightforward. We charge negotiated not-to-exceed amounts for project work and hourly fees for piecework and advice. A clear-cut letter agreement will define the work that you have requested. We purposely do not use arcane legal contracts knowing that they are intimidating and may require you to hire a lawyer to understand and protect your interests. Under our uncomplicated agreement, if either party is unhappy, our relationship may be terminated with 30-days notice, subject only to the payment of fees earned and due.
    The list of services below will be fitted to the specific needs of the writer, whether seeking limited assistance or a full range of professional services to work through the self-publishing process.



·          understand the process and choices

·          understand the costs

·          timing and critical path of publishing


·          selection of literary agents

·          synopsis 

·          query letter

·          manuscript evaluation
·          message, style, voice, graphics 

·          editing

·          proofreading


·          copyright

·          Intern. Standard Book Number (ISBN)

·          barcode

·          Library of Congress Number (LCCN)

·          Bowker’s Books-in-Print registration


·          trade paperback decisions

        -trim size

        -font style and size



        -paper quality and color

        -number of pages

·          cover design and other graphics

·          interior layout

·          ebook formatting

·          pricing of book and ebook


·          offset volume printing

·          print-on-demand (POD) printing

·          b & w vs. color considerations

·          shipping alternatives


·          wholesale distribution and fullfillment

·          print-on-demand (POD) distribution

·          ebook distribution

·          warehousing and direct mail order


·          marketing strategy

·          author and self-publisher websites

·          advance review copies (ARC)

·          publicity and media

·          book and ebook Internet sales

·          bookstore selling

·          author tour and signings

    Allow Aries Books to use our professional expertise to guide you through the publishing process every step of the way to achieve the book you deserve to see published, while retaining 100% rights and 100% royalties.

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