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Thank you for your interest in Aries Books, but as a start-up publisher associated with a group of published and soon-to-be published authors, we are not currently accepting manuscripts outside our own group. Because we accept only solicited works at this time, ALL UNSOLICITED QUERY LETTERS AND MANUSCRIPTS WILL BE DISPOSED OF UNOPENED and no response will be provided to the hopeful authors. Please respect this request. Having gone through the rejection process ourselves, we ask you to spare yourselves and us the displeasure of so harshly disposing of your heartfelt work.

    Being extremely busy with the establishment of a new publishing company, perhaps foolishly during the great recession and a book industry in disarray, we also do not currently have time to provide our described author services to aspiring authors beyond our own associates.

    We hope and expect to publish books outside our group and to provide author services beginning in 2016.  Please visit this page in early 2016 for an update.
    Until then, we wish you success in placing your manuscript with another publisher.

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