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    We are a small publishing and author-services company based in the Washington, D.C. area with a grand mission—to return artistic and financial control to authors. Traditional publishing is in disarray and vanity publishers have taken advantage of writers' desires to see their works in print. There is a need for a publishing company with a difference: published authors helping aspiring authors through the maze to become published.

    Our company was formed by a group of collaborative writers, two of whom have been traditionally published, who decided to work together to become independent publishers of their adult fiction and nonfiction works. Their combined expertise and knowledge has produced Aries Books, which sees self-publishing of trade paperbacks and ebooks as the wave of the future. As a traditional publisher, Aries Books will publish selected authors' manuscripts that require little assistance beyond customary publishing services. For other aspiring authors, we offer a full range of services aimed at self-publishing, but with the possibility of publication by Aries Books. 

    Most writers hope to be published the traditional way, by submitting a manuscript to numerous literary agents until one accepts and then sells it to a publisher. To these writers we offer our pre-agent services of manuscript evaluation, editing, and preparation of a succinct synopsis and eye-catching query letter. For writers who are unsuccessful in obtaining representation, or if their literary agents cannot sell their manuscripts (which happens nearly 50% of the time), our team of professionals can continue the process by providing author services leading either to publication by Aries Books or self-publishing. For other writers who choose to bypass the agent representation route altogether, we offer total project management from start to finish, resulting in publication of their works.

    This is what make Aries Books, a traditional publisher and author-services company, different from the rest. When you work with us, you are assured of becoming a published author, either the traditional way through Aries Books or through its author-services steps to achieve self-publishing, where you retain 100% rights and 100% royalties. 



Aries Books is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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