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by Judith W. Richards

    First published in 1983 by Praeger, reprinted several times, and later acquired by Houghton-Mifflin, Fundamentals of Development Finance has over the years been a well-regarded guide to public and private financing of high-risk projects and businesses in economically distressed cities. Universities have used it as a textbook for specialized graduate-level courses spanning the fields of urban planning and corporate finance. The author is updating Fundamentals of Development Finance for release as a trade paperback and an ebook.   
    Ms. Richards, an expert on urban development finance, holds an MBA in finance and has been a real estate developer and visiting university lecturer.
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by Dr. James S. Laughrey

    What are our dreams telling us? Dr. James S. Laughrey has helped hundreds of people to interpret their dreams and tells us in
Parables of the Night what they mean and how dream analysis can improve our lives. A doctor of divinity and counseling, the author traces the history of moral stories, prevalent in the Bible in the form of dreams, and explains current dream theory. He shows how our spiritual subconsciousness works through our hopes, fears, and desires as we dream. Parables of the Night guides the reader through a process of self-analysis of their dreams that is innovative, inspirational, and enlightening.
    Scheduled for publication in late 2015.


by George Wasenko

    Ghostly images emerge from the author’s night walks through Harper’s Ferry, civil war ghosts stroll alongside him through Fredericksburg, the agony of British soldiers is heard in their defeat at Yorktown, and asceticism and sublime chants nurture his spirit at weekend retreats at Holy Cross Abbey. 
    History-buff George Wasenko, a resident of historic Fredericksburg for forty-five years, has immersed himself in Virginia’s bygone days. A living-history lecturer at Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop in Fredericksburg and a senior member of the British Revolutionary War 64th Regiment of Foot re-enactors, the author has traveled to every corner of Virginia absorbing history and re-enacting historic events. Historic Commonwealth, a compilation of informative and evocative travelogues of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s historic cities and places will be published in early 2016.


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